14 Weeks To Freedom

Rewards 4 All – 14 Weeks to Freedom

What is Rewards 4 All?

An online shop selling products & services mostly provided by small and medium-sized businesses.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is any Rewards 4 All client promoting the online mall and its products by inviting friends, family, and others to visit and buy from the shop. Ambassadors earn rewards from purchases made by the people they directly or indirectly referred to the site.

The Rewards 4 All Rewards (compensation) Plan – what is a “Matrix”?

Ambassadors start their own business or business unit when they become an Ambassador. This business unit is a Forced matrix – 5 x wide and 7 generations (levels). This means that you cannot have more than 5 referrals on your first level. Should you refer more than 5 persons, the sixth person that becomes an Ambassador would be added to one of the first five Ambassadors you referred before – helping them filling up their first level to the required 5 new Ambassadors on your first level.

Total number of Ambassadors in your business unit could be 97 656! You generally earn between 0.5% and 10% rewards from every purchase they ever make in the store! The commission earned is displayed on every product page.

THIS IS UNIQUE: The Rewards 4 All Rewards Plan is unique in that the SAME rewards percentage is paid on EVERY level!

What is a Pyramid scheme and is this one?

A Pyramid scheme visually resembles the same shape as a matrix. The difference is in its operation and risk factor. In the case of a Pyramid scheme, there is no real exchange of value. Monies received from new recruits are used to pay commission to existing participants and the last people joining stand to lose their money if the “scheme” should end at any time.

This could never happen in the Rewards 4 All Store scenario as clients always purchase a real product or service (normal – or cheaper than normal price) which they receive as per a normal business transaction. Ambassadors in whose business unit the sale occurs are then paid a sales reward (like you would pay any CEO, National Manager, Provincial Manager, Regional Manager, Branch Manager, Senior Sales Executive or Junior Sales Executive in any other business).

Is this a “Get Rich Quick” scheme?

Definitely not! BUT – the potential to earn a substantial amount in rewards does exist!

What is “14 Weeks to Freedom”?

It is a Campaign created for those who want to achieve specific financial goals with no or minimal capital outlay. Any products in the Mall qualifies for use in the campaign, but we recommend the use of the ETC Frameworks Learning Skills Program for learners in Grade 3 to Grade 12 [Afr +Eng]. This course has been proven successful by 1000’s of students since 1993 – and is exceptional value for money at only R150 (only in this campaign!) – with a total of R70 of the purchase price paid out as rewards to Ambassadors (R10 x 7 levels)!

How does it work?

You become an Ambassador in one of two ways:

  • Buy any product in the mall or
  • Register for FREE

Do I have to pay anything to get started?

No – you may register as an Ambassador FREE of charge, but it is recommended that you purchase one of the ETC Frameworks products. Its a great investment in your child(ren)’s future(s), shows commitment and rewards the Ambassador who introduced you to this opportunity.

What do I have to do to ensure success?

Consistency is KEY! Using your unique referral link – do the following daily:

  • – Post any Rewards 4 All ads to Facebook groups you belong to
  • – Promote a specific product (of your choosing) in the mall – on Facebook
  • – Invite your friends/family to like and share the Rewards 4 All Facebook page AND the posts you have made about it (– tag them)
  • – Post ads to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.
  • – Post ads to any free advertising blogs, classified ad sites
  • – Invite people via WhatsApp and e-mail (place your unique link in the message/email for them to click on)
  • – Permanently add your unique referral URL (link) to your e-mail signature

 Is there any risk – can I lose any money?

There is NO RISK! You can participate free of charge or purchase any legitimate product from the store – you ALWAYS receive the product that you paid for!

Can anyone participate?

Yes – if older than 18 years

Can I sell my products through Rewards 4 All?

Yes – If interested send an email to admin@rewards4all.co.za with detail pertaining to your products.